about 5 years ago

Submit your videos!

Friendly reminder: submit your videos by 10:00 this morning -- just over two hours!  We don't really care about production quality of your video -- any simple screencast will do.  If you have any issues, e-mail me: mikeam (at) microsoft.com.  See you at 14:00 later today where we'll let hackers come on stage and demonstrate lessons learn, give feedback, have fun -- and most importantly, award the coveted best hack prize!


See you all soon!


about 5 years ago

Meeting at the Arcotel

Note that the Tuesday night hackathon is at Arcotel - a 3-4 minute walk from the main convention center.


  • 17:45 - Meet at main registration deckat Austria Center to walk over to Arcotel
  • 18:00 - Dinner at Arcotel + Presentations
  • 19:00 - Meet in Arcotel Conference room to select teams and start coding!